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    Would like to filter 1 month on one view in dashboard from 3 month filter on dashboard

    sheila ryan

      I have a dashboard with multiple views (over 20). I want to have one global filter on multiple datasources. I understand in Tableau 10 I can  accomplish  this  by 'using all related datasources'. Most of the views will show data for a quarter (3 months). I have about 5 views that I would like to filter on using the latest date that is being selected by the 3 month slider filter. I did try an example by creating a parameter and a date calculation DATEADD('month', -2,[date1 Parameter]) and then another calculation (LOOKUP(ATTR([Snapshot Date]),0)=[date1 Parameter] ). This works but when I apply a table calculation for the column totals to the 3 month tabular layout it shows the totals for all the months in the table (which is 9 at the moment). I know I can calculate the total on a seperate sheet and add it to the dashboard but I'm trying to avoid this. Therefor I'm working with the built in filter and would like to know if I can create a filter using the value from the first filter to get the latest date.