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    Is there such thing as a sub-extract (similar to Dashboard Designer logic)?

    Stephen Wagner

      Hi all,

      I have created an extract with the goal of it being used on tableau desktop by "super-users" as well as through the ipad for a sales team.  The extract is on the server and for the desktop users, they have a workbook that is connected to the server extract data source.


      This extract has a ton of data behind it (based on customer/sales data), with maybe 150 or so columns across 5 or 6 tables.  While the super-users may find the 150 columns valuable (ok, maybe 100), the sales team are purely interactors with pre-made dashboards that really only utilize 20 or so of the columns across the exact same table structure.  While I could create an extract for the sales team specifically, there are times when we add a new field or two to the underlying data tables and need to regenerate the extracts to include those fields.


      Is there a way to create a smaller extract from a larger one?  That way, whenever I add a field to the large extract, I don't need to replicate the process on a 2nd extract, instead I can select the column and it would automatically get added to the smaller one as well?  I picture it like Dashboard Designer, as for that, you can take your normal dashboard and strip out whatever you want, to create a mobile-sized dashboard, and when there may be an addition you want to make to the original dashboard, it is easy for you to also add it to the mobile.


      I was at the conference and heard about Hyper, so maybe that renders this question moot whenever that is rolled out.  However, would be interesting to know if anyone has a process for this situation for the present time.