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    HANA Input Parameters in Tableau

    Zeenat Goyal



      I came across a blog on HANA Input Parameters in tableau - Using HANA Input Parameters in Tableau | SAP Blogs

      But when I tried to implement the same, it didn't work in my case,

      STEPS I followed -


      1. Click NEW CUSTOM SQL  -

      Select * from "_SYS_BIC"."<Calculation View>" where "Col1" =

      2. Click Insert Parameter - New Parameter > Datatype String > List  > It didnt ask for any Column but at the end below is the SQL which is generated

      Select * from "_SYS_BIC"."<Calculation View>" where "Col1" = <Parameters.Select ID>


      I have not used placeholder because my prompt value is STRING and not date.  I tried to edit the parameter inside the workbook as well but it didn't allow me to do so.


      Questions -

      1. Where am I going wrong? How to do it correctly?

      2. Does it actually prompt for the value ? which is currently my requirement !


      Thanks in advance,