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    Unable to connect to multiple GA sources with over a year data

    Angela Cheng



      I'm developing a report with Google Analytics data in Tableau. We have several different products in different GA folders, and I need to bring them all in one report and create a filter to filter through different products comparing their performances. However I can only connect with one product at a time with the current GA connector set up, there's no option of union there either. So, I want to try "Append Connection" option. This is what I did -

      • I connected with first GA source, created some views, everything works fine. That contains 1 year and 4 months data
      • I try to connect with a second GA source, it gives me the following error, I used 1 year and 3 months date range, seems like that's too much for Tableau? But I have 7 other products to combine in the report...


      What can I do? Is there better solution?