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    What tables are used in a published datasource

    Lazy Rambler

      Hey guys,


      Is there an easy way we can get the tables used in a published datasource ? I did try to look up the postgres tables, but not sure if this data is stored. Do you document your datasources/workbooks?


      I've used twb auditor, and served the purpose to a certain extent, but was looking to see if there is another way

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          Russell Christopher

          It isn't. The table names are found inside the TDS's XML document, which is stored as a BLOB inside the postgres database. So, you'd need to find correct TDS record in the database, use it to point to the correct BLOB, and then use Postgres's lo_export or some other function to "export" the BLOB to a file which you would then parse.


          Tamas Foldi wrote something called "TableauFS" which allows you to connect to PostgreSQL as a file system and then browse it's content like you would folders on your OS. Pretty cool and might be useful to you - of course it's unsupported and only works on Linux and OSX.