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    Colour by pie chart KPI

    Oliver Shingfield

      Hi Guys,


      I have a box plot of Computer's (PC's) that have hardware and software on them. If any of the software or hardware is out of support I want the high level box for that PC to turn Red. So for example if you click on PC 3, there are 2 hardware products in support and 1 software product out of support. So the high level box for PC 3 needs to turn red. If for example both the hardware and software for that PC was in support (green) then I want the box for that PC to be Green.

      I have attached the packaged workbook, this is an example workbook and dataset that have been made to replicate my situation.


      Any help would be really appreciated,


      Kind Regards,



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          Michel Caissie



          check in the attached...


          For both Software and Hardware datasource I made a calculation  isRed  returning True if one Supported for a PC is  Red.

          {FIXED PC: MAX( if [Supported?] = 'Red' then 1 else 0 end  )} = 1


          In the PC datasource I made a calculation Color  returning  Red if both isRed are true.

          if ATTR([Hardware (Example Dataset)].[IsRed]) OR ATTR([Software (Example Dataset)].[IsRed]) then 'Red' else 'Green' end