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    Follow-ups from December Tableau User Group Viz Comp

    Stacy Sterling

      Hi all,


      Thanks for a great year with the User Group, and a fantastic viz comp.  It was so impressive to see what all the teams managed to come up with in just an hour.  From your feedback it looks like you all enjoyed the session as well, so we're aiming to do these more regularly.  Please let us know if you find any cool datasets that we could use in the future.


      The entries are posted on Tableau Public.  (Please note, these are only the vizes that I had emailed to me during the evening.  If your team's isn't on here, please email me and I will add it.)  Congrats to our People's Choice Winner (the Envato team) and the Overall Winner (Team 6)!


      Many of you liked the animation feature used in a few of the dashboards.  Here's some more info about how to implement it--note that the automation doesn't work if it's published to Tableau Public or Tableau Server.


      Our next meetup will be in February--keep your eyes peeled for the invite--and in the meantime have a wonderful holiday.