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    Resource Utilization Dashboard

    Sadiya Patel

      Hi Tableau Users,


      I have to create Resource Utilization Dashboard/ Resource Allocation Dashboard.

      Kindly please anyone share the dashboard if someone has already created on this topic as I am very new to tableau.

      I want to cover these below points:

      • Total Projects
      • Projects in development
      • Projects done
      • Tasks assigned to
      • Task by priority
      • Overdue tasks
      • Time to complete task
      • workload on team people
      • Available Resource for new projects

      Please share the dashboard if anyone has already created it.

      Thanks in advance!!

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Sadiya,


          There is a previous post here on this topic - Tracking project status in a dashboard  In general, I would recommend a project management tool for tracking and managing projects and then utilizing Tableau to report or track items or outcomes.  PM tracking/management tools are specifically designed for this use case and I think they better meet the needs of a day to day project manager.   Tracking the impact of your projects and reporting on them is where I think of Tableau coming in and providing a great option/tool.