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    Permissions to the dashboard at hierarchy level

    Sahithya Reddy



      I have excel sheet having Function code column having values like Division, Department, Sub department. Hierarchy is like Division->Department->Sub department.For example: Natural Sciences -> Science -> Biology .

      Each division will have multiple departments and each department will have multiple sub departments.

      My requirement is like based on user logged in, that specific hierarchy level and below level needs to be seen. Please see below example:


      User A, needs to see Specific Division ->All departments under Division ->and All sub departments under all departments

      User B, needs to see Specific division related to department mentioned->Specific department which is mentioned-> and all sub departments under that specific department.

      User D, needs to see Specific division related to sub department mentioned->Specific department related to sub department mentioned-> and specific sub department which needs to be seen.

      User I, needs to seen everything.


      Please let me know ASAP.