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    Questions on Printing

    Victor Clarke

      Hi Guys


      I am pretty new to Tableau.


      I am using it for a PhD Thesis to present various analyses of a database of information on the Old Kingdom of Egypt, and have some questions on printing output (of course because its a PhD, I need to produce all my output in final printed format, not just give the examiners online access to Vizs).


      I have two issues so far in getting the output into a format that I can use in my Phd, as follows:


      1.     Printing to PDF

      Based on my research on this forum and in the Tableau Help, I have found three main ways to get my output into a form that I can use in my PhD:

      • Print Dashboards to Pdf format (use for most analyses)
      • Print WorkSheets to Pdf format
      • Use Apple Cut / Paste command to copy individual graphics, and then capture them as .JPG files for insertion into my Word Document (used for single graphs to be inserted into the text part of my PhD)


      I am having a couple of issues in getting certain items to print properly:

      • If Dashboards are no more than one page in size, they print perfectly (and most of my Dashboards are very graphical and are designed to be one page). However a few of my dashboards have variable amounts of text and in some cases that goes over one page in length. On screen that is fine, you simply scroll up and down and the extra text becomes visible. However when ever I print, the Dashboard only shows a single page with the scroll bar that you would have when on your computer, but obviously in a PDF you can't scroll down. I cannot get it to print out as multiple pages.
      • My work around for this is to use Worksheets rather than Dashboards for Analyses that are likely to go over one page. This is a partial solution, but is not ideal as:
        • it limits you to one Worksheet only per page, whereas with a Dashboard, I can combine a couple of Worksheets onto a single page. For example, I have a Dashboard that I am printing out 30 times (I am studying 30 different Provinces of the Old Kingdom of Egypt) that has two worksheets on it. For most of the Provinces, there are only 3 or 4 rows in each of the two worksheets, so having two Worksheets to one page is ideal. However for a few of the provinces, there are a large number of Rows, so I can't do a Dashboard? To be consistent in format, I would have to use the Worksheet format and as a result, give the examiners 60+ pages, (30 analyses times at least 2 pages) whereas in reality I probably only need say 35 pages (25 at one page and 5 of two pages)
        • you can't seem to set a page size for a worksheet the way you can for a Dashboard. As such, I cannot set the page size for my worksheets to A4 to ensure I have a consistent page size


      So my questions are:

      • Is it possible to print a Dashboard such that it goes more than one page when printed - if so how?
      • For Worksheets, is it possible to specify the page size anywhere?


      Attached is an example of a printed Dashboard which fits on one page, and a second example where the data requires more than one page, but I can only seem to print it as one page. The only difference between the two Dashboards is the Filter selection - the fits on one page version is for Province UE10 (Upper Egypt 10) whilst the second one is for Province LE01. [Note I am aware that at present the columns don't all fit across the page - I'm not worried about that as once I make a few planned changes to my data, the Null column and two other columns will disappear)


      Please note I am using Tableau Version 10.1.1 on a Mac. The settings I have set to try to get it to print out are:

      • Print Scaling in the individual worksheets set to Page Orientation of Landscape and to Fit 1 page across by 20 pages down (most I'll ever have is a few pages, but have set to 20 to ensure higher than any likely value)
      • Size in the Dashboard set to A4 Landscape
      • Print Scaling for the Dashboard set the same as for the individual worksheets (ie Page Orientation of Landscape and to Fit 1 page across by 20 pages down)


      2.     Word Wrap of text

      I have noted that Tableau does not allow "Word Wrap" of rows of text. Based on my research on this web site, I saw a number of discussion threads that indicate this is deliberate and word wrap is not a current feature. However those discussions were a few years old. I can work around this [I intend to replace my current Description field with a "short description" field], but just wanted to confirm that there has been no change since those discussions as Word Wrap would be useful for a couple of my analyses.


      Can some one confirm that it is still not possible to word wrap text when the text in an individual column in a row exceeds the column width allotted?


      3.     Column width    

      A slightly related question - the way I currently change column widths is to simply select the column or group of columns I want to adjust the width for and move them by eye to a suitable width. This is fine and works well. However in other programs I have used such as Excel or Word you can also specify a particular width for a column or group of columns. This would be useful to ensure consistency between different Viz's I design (eg to set a consistent width for my Short Description field that is consistent with the number of characters I will limit myself to).


      Is there any way to define the width of a column, either in terms of number of characters, inches / milimetres or pixels?

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          Hey Victor,


          I'll start with 2 and 3 as these are both ideas for our Ideas forum if they do not exist already. Sorry I don't have any workarounds but I believe they're features other users have discussed wanting on these forums.


          As for 1. I believe you can do what you're trying to achieve using tabcmd and Tableau Server. You can specify page sizes or pixel dimensions when running the export commands:


          tabcmd Commands


          Now, you'd need a PC or virtual machine and Tableau Server/Tableau Online. However, if you're just trying to do this for your thesis (good luck by the way) perhaps a free trial of Tableau Online and a VM might let you get these exports in time for your submission?




          P.S. Good luck! Sounds like a cool thesis.