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    Error Message - Help

    Dan Gordon

      Hello all,


      I am experiencing an error I do not know how to correct.  It may be that I am not doing something (obvious) correctly,  Here is my situation


      Have a SQL Database with multiple tables.  Multiple Views are created on this server.  I opened a new workbook, connected to the SQL Server and then published the datasource to Tableau Server.  I then went back into the workbook and attempted to change the datasource to the newly published Tableau Server datasource.  I get the following error:



      As background, I created the datasource in Desktop as an Extract.  Does anyone know why I would be getting this error and how to correct?


      As a side question, does it matter where the extracts are stored?  I am currently storing on a shared drive.


      I appreciate anyone help on this.


      Dan Gordon

      Decision Support Manager

      Frederick Memorial Hospital