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    Trying to connect Tableau server to Oracle db

    Adam Adam


      the user is trying to connect tableau server to Oracle db, but for some reason the connection is not happening.

      We have already ping and telnet the host name and port # in the server and we found that there is connection between the db and tableau server,

      Also we have added the TNS entry to the server as well,

      However, still the extracts are failing and connection is failing when we test it in the server,

      when we run an extract, we get this error:


      any idea what might have caused that?



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          Atul Yadav



          This issue is related to configuration of DB connection string. Please check following thing


          fix was to make sure in tnsnames.ora the SERVICE_NAME is a valid service name in your database. To find out valid service names, you can use the following query in oracle:

          select value from v$parameter where name='service_names'

          Once I updated tnsnames.ora