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    Trying to Create a single stack bar graph with multiple series


      Ok so the data is for a breakdown of service charges for a flat:

      The total Service Charges = £1,530

      This is made up of:


      Repairs Contingency 148.20

      Contractors 386.14

      Utilities 71.47

      Insurance, Management Company Fees & Paperwork 647.60

      Reserve Fund 277.00

      Within these groupings, are the individual fees:

      Reserve Fund 277.00

      (Grouping Insurance, Management Company Fees & Paperwork 647.60)

      Accountancy 20.78

      Annual Return 0.83

      Management Fee 364.18

      Buildings Insurance 241.92

      Directors Insurance 7.43

      Health & Safety Report 12.47

      (Grouping Contractors 386.14)

      Water 30.47

      Refuse Disposal 13.30

      Electricity 27.70

      (Grouping Utilities 71.47)

      Cleaning 152.35

      Gardening 152.35

      Fire Alarm 27.70

      Window Cleaning 31.58

      Pest Control 22.16

      (Grouping Repairs Contingency Total 148.20)

      Repairs 96.95

      Drainage Repairs 20.78

      Misc 2.77

      Door Entry System 11.08

      Light Bulbs 2.77

      Aerial 13.85

      The way I want to display this data is in a single stack bar graph, with the groupings for the multiple series, and then within those the breakdown of the individual fees.

      Here is a picture I drew of what I'm trying to make the end result look like!


      However also welcome and open to seeing other ways of displaying the breakdown!

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          Abigail SHERIDAN-TOOMBS

          This is partly what I'm trying to do: https://public.tableau.com/views/ServiceChargesbar/Sheet2?:embed=y&:display_count=yes


          However, it's sorting the data by category and I want to sort it by descending percentage portion.. which will jumble the coloured categories up but show the fields in order of size.
          I just want to show how much each item represents as a portion of the total budget from most to least in a stacked bar, with each item in one of 5 colours showing which category it belongs to.


          When the bands get very small, is there a way to stagger or explode the label marks, so they aren't hidden or layered over each other illegibly?

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            Carmine Barreca


            I hope this could help you, in Tableau we have a gerarchical order of disaggregation, when you put on the rows "Years" and at right of it "Month" is not the same thing of "Month" Years".

            So even when you use the marks you have to respect an order of detail, the only thing that you should do is clear all sort and put charges first, after this you should click on the "Charges" Field to select it and again on the sort button, in this way you will sort the "Charges" field only.


            For what concern the label the only thing that I do in this cases is to deselect the "Allow lable to overlap other marks" and I use a Crosstab to show the values if the user want to see it, in this case I use to do a tree map chart to could show a ranking and together all the values in the viz.


            I did it an example here Tableau Public