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    Report has averaged values in pane and sum in totals; need roll-up to also be sums

    Shawn Wilfong

      Forgive me if I do not explain this well.


      My data has a hierarchy of Division>Division Manager>Area>Plant.


      I have daily snapshots of a numeric value of "labor standard" for plants.  For example, for every day of December 4th - December 10th, plant 0160 had a labor standard value of 39 (TotalEmployeeCount).

      I have the same sort of daily snapshot for actual employees staffed for each day (Employee Count):

      For the Tableau report, they are wanting comparisons of that data.  So I have a hierarchy drill down with the average for both values based on the date range selected, and it's presented as such.  Note that the Total is a sum and not an average

      The problem is that when they collapse the hierarchy, they want it to continue to be sums, and not averages, for everything above the plant level.  The below is wrong to them; Central-10 should have the 123.00 and 96.07.


      Is there a way that I can pre-calculate those average values for the plant level data, instead of them being averaged in the pane, and then I can have all values just be sums?  I feel like I've tried it 50 different ways but I haven't come up with a solution.


      I appreciate everyone's time in advance.