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    Bridges chart for sales

    Andrea Pavoni

      Hello everybody,

      These are my first days playing with Tableau and I have some troubles on building a chart.


      This chart has to show how variations of different products sold are contributing to the the total variation of sales between the current and the previous year. Attached you can find an example.


      The structure should be similar to waterfall charts, the main differences are that:

      1. the steps are delta between sales of the same product in 2016 and sales in 2015, and not incremental values
      2. the first and the last bar must show total sales for 2015 and total sales for 2016, so the last bar has not to end up to zero


      Basically the graph should offer to the observer insights about which products has been sold more or less respect the year before.


      Looking forward for some feedbacks!


      Thanks in advance,