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    Questions about Cross table where X axis values = Y axis values

    Jelle Eitjes



      For project for the Amsterdam Library, I'm trying to visualize book transfers between different locations in the city. I have a cross tables like this for every month, where the diagonal line top-left to bottom-rights means books lent directly from own stock. The different locations often order books from each other to better serve customers at location. This behavior is represented by all the other figures in the table. When I import like this I can only get column data as measures and row data is lost.

      My end goal is a dash where I can visualize the in and out behavior of each location while also aggregating multiple sheets imported (I have about 36 of these monthly tables)


      I feel like Tableau knows how to deal with data like this but I feel like I'm using the wrong vocabulary searching. Thus my questions are:


      - Is there a specific name for a cross table like this?

      - Is there a smart way to import and/or clean multiple of them so values can be aggregated?


      Any help is greatly appreciated   I attached the workbook as well