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    Text table coloring for specific dimensions in a row but not for entire table Urgent

    MSK CM



      I have my requirement which has Daily, MTD, Jan to dec as measures and  dimension as KPI (M1 to M7  etc)


      is there a possibility to color only  entire row for M1(Achievemnet values),M2(conversion %) ,M3(retention%) values based on Multiple conditions  each measure in the same row can have mulple colors based on the contion names. and rest of the dimention in white color or any color


      if we write conditions based on M1 and then drop on color legend, we can only one color legend at a  time,  but not for M2 and M3 isn't


      I am trying but it is applying for entire table, it is soo challenging for me , I  have attached the  .xls  file FYR.


      Please help