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    Help needed trusted auth


      Hi All,


      I am trying to setup the the trusted out for one worksheet which I have created. I am trying to run through the help from tableau but to be honest I am missing somehow the point of part 3.



      I already have added the IP address which I want to trust to the server, but then I am getting lost. I really have no Idea what I have to do next



      - I need to configure the webserver. The webserver of the trusted IP or the webserver of Tableau Server?


      - the Code examples: Where do I need to add them after I changed the credentials? In the php example there is "include 'auth.php' "  Where do I find this as it is not part of the sample?


      - Display the view of a ticket: Is this the script which I need to run on my webserver to get this shown?


      I always thought I am not too bad in scripting but with this tutorial I really can´t work as is it gives me more questions than answers.


      Is there someone who can help me to get this sorted or knows where I can find a step by step tutorial?