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    Sorting automatically when a filter is used


      Hi everyone,


      I can't manage a sorting problem.


      I tried this solution but It doesn't work (the sorting is false) : Finding the Top N Within a Category | Tableau Software


      Here is my situation : I have a filter in my first Dashboard (the graphic) and I need a top 5 on each "Exec Code" i select in my filter.

      This TOP 5 is displayed in my worksheet "Classement".


      This TOP 5 is based on a calculation : First Colum + Second Column in my worksheet "Classement", this calculated field is named "somme des colonnes".


      I want an automatic TOP 5, even if i unselect/select an "execode" i want an automatic sorting based on the calculated field "somme des colonnes".


      Do you have an idea ?


      I share my Tableau file with you.


      Thanks for you help,