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    Volume change after a change in price

    Ty Stackhouse

      I am looking to create what would be an exception report. I want to identify which of our items had a substantial/material change in volume after a change in price. I need to know if change in volume after the price change is caused by the price change or it is just normal variation in volume based on previous sales data.  Any ideas?

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          Joe Oppelt

          Consider running a moving average calc of volume along your date axis.


          Give your user a parameter that lets them specify what a "substantial" change is.  (10%?  2%?)  Also give them a parameter that lets them decide how far to look back to determine the period over which you define "change".  (1 day?  7 days?)


          So maybe you don't care about a 2% change over 365 days.  But maybe you want to see when there is a 5% or more change within 10 days of a price change.


          You can do a LOOKUP([moving average of volume], -([days to examine parameter]) and that will look at volume x-many days ago.  Get the absolute difference between today and the LOOKUP value.  Also do the same LOOKUP to see if price has changed since x-many days ago.

          And then it's just a matter of arithmetic to mess with all those numbers.