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    Display list if map point is selected

    Arindam Banerjee


      Hello All,


      I am new to tableau and facing some challenges addressing one of the requirement related show/hide object based on select.

      I have map which goes till lat/long level but there are more detailed data available than property (lat/long).In previous tool, in tooltip we had option to show multiple items for a property on click.To find suitable workaround in tableau, I am creating a data table in the bottom of the map and when user select a map point, the list shows all details related to that property (for example 5 floors in the building) and when user deselect, the list gets hidden.I have achieved this horizontal/vertical layout container and using Action filters "Exclude All values" option under "Clearing the selection".But the problem now is there are more worksheets than the map and list in the dashboard.What I would like to happen for other dashboard objects that "Show all values" when "Clearing the selection".Though I added two action filters, one with "Exclude All values" for list and others with "Show all values" from same map source worksheet, only the first filter works.


      Please let me know if I am able to explain the requirement and technique I used.