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    How can I compare super store customer sales with top customer....




      I need to compare a customer sales with the sales of the top customer within the segment in Super Store.


      For example, from a filter, I would select Aaron on the source sheet  and I need to populate the target worksheet with the details of Raymond, because Raymond is the top customer(sum of sales) within the 'consumer' segment in Super Store.


      Customer NameSegmentSales
      Aaron BergmanConsumer$886


      Customer NameSegmentSales
      Raymond BuchConsumer$15,117


      This has to happen across the three segments - based on the customer selected the top customer from the selected customer's segment has to be populated.


      Any ideas will be helpful.




      Message was edited by: Tish Fernandes I do not know if my wording was not clear, adding my workbook. The dashboard has a filter, based on the value selected in this filter, I selected a customer name (Aaron Bergman for example), Tableau should identify what segment Aaron belongs to (Aaron is in 'consumer' segment) and display the top customer in that segment(Raymond Buch in consumer), but my workbook shows Shawn miller (who is top across all segments). This right side chart  should populate dynamically based on the customer name selected, 1. if a customer from 'consumer' segment is selected, top customer in 'consumer' should be displayed 2. if a customer from 'corporate' is selected, top customer in 'corporate' should be displayed 3.if a customer from 'home office' is selected, top customer in 'home office' should be displayed Is my problem statement clear? If not please let me know and I will try to put it in better words. Thanks.