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    What should refresh process in Tableau Server look like?

    Tara Villon

      Hi all,


      I have been researching how to publish a workbook to Tableau server and the nuances within the process. I have seen a lot of various content around the web, and would greatly appreciate any guidance.


      - Source data is in an Access database

      - Connect to Tableau desktop via Tableau Extract (.TDE) for optimal performance


      I will be appending records to my Access database monthly. Since I have been working within Desktop for so long now, I simply hit Refresh extract every month.


      Can anyone offer some best practices as to what my refresh process should look like once I publish the workbook to the server? Also, I am not sure whether I should include or exclude external files. My Access file lives here H:\Personal\IP Work


      Apologies if this seems too open-ended, I am new to using my organization's Tableau Server.

      Thank you in advance!

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          Zach Leber

          Tableau Server will need access to your Access files so they need to be moved from your H drive to a network location and then you need to use a UNC path (e.g. //server2/access_files) rather than a local path in Desktop. Then you need to exclude external files when you publish and set an extract refresh schedule on Server based on how often the underlying Access data changes. This all requires that your company Tableau Server is local rather than hosted so has access to your data.