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    How to find difference in data for start and end time in day?

    subodh Thapliyal


      Sorry in advance, please don't mind my language.

      I am trying to show difference in data for start and end time selected by datetime filter.

      eg:- I have data for three days 1/12,1/13, and 1/14 with date time. If i plot set a viz for daily view, the sale should show the difference between 12:00:00 AM and 11:59:59 PM for each day.

      the result should be one value which will be the difference of value at 11:59:59 PM (or max time) and 12:00:00 Am (or min time) for each day. Similarly if i plot weekly view then data should be

      (max time for end of week) - (min time for start of week).