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    Drill ODBC Connecter - Boolean as Integer not supported

    Thomas Cozien



      I'm using Tableau Software with an Mapr Drill ODBC and currently facing some issue with Boolean types inside Tableau.

      My drill table contains few String fields and two Boolean fields.

      The mapping with tableau works as my fields are well detected.


      When I want to filter some query with Boolean field, Tableau engine transforms it to Integer :


      SELECT `Custom_SQL_Query`.`string_field`

      FROM (

        SELECT * FROM dfs.`parquet_files`

      ) `Custom_SQL_Query`

      WHERE (`Custom_SQL_Query`.`boolean_field` <> 0)


      As you can see `Custom_SQL_Query`.`boolean_field` <> 0 compares with an Integer and not a Boolean. So the query failes in Drill as this implicit cast does not exist.