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    Error Code=-2 (RData file)

    Eoghan Lyons

      Hi All,


      This is a related problem to a recently noted problem.


      I had 3 large excel files, and was so large that connecting via Excel became unworkable.

      I decided to convert them to CSV and connect the 3 to form one .RData file.


      That process worked fine. The issue I face is that when I elect to connect Tableau to the Rdata file it shows the results preview but can't create the extract. I get an error message that states: "Error reading file Palisis.RData: error code=-2". Does anyone know why this happens and if it can be rectified? Palisis.RData is the name of the file.


      Error message image shown below as well as the R code used to combine the files (only lines 1-6 relevant). The error message does not occur if I use an R file of one of the 3 files, it only happens when they are combined.

      Error code.PNG


      R code 2.PNG