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    Limitations of parameters?

    Anitha Vangala

      I have one question, In my report i used 6 parameters, inside true/false all. now if i select one parameter of true

      then it shows complete view, if i select false complete view was gone then what is the use of other parameters in it. is it the limitations if Tableau parameters.

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          Tom W

          Hi Anitha,

          Welcome to the Tableau forums. It looks like you started this discussion by replying to a different thread - one of the moderators has separated this out into it's own question - please be sure to only reply to relevant threads with questions going forward.


          Also, I'd like to suggest you start by taking at look at the 'New To the community?' section on the homepage. Please take a look through there and you'll see a bunch of help on getting started in the forums, helpful advice on creating posts / asking questions etc.


          In order to help you with your problem, we're going to need a better description of how to replicate the behaviour. Can you please attach a Tableau Packaged Workbook as an example so we can replicate?