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    Result of one sheet to be used in other sheet

    Megha Chhabra

      I have a database with user information. I created a worksheet after apply few filters and results was the user ida based on those filters. I want to create another worksheet which display all the user ids of the database excluding the one's displayed in the first sheet, basically the rest of user id. How to do this ?


      Note: The count if user id in first sheet was in hundreds so cant manually filter them out in the second sheet

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          Hello Megha,


          If your filters are all single value filters.

          You can achieve this by change all the filters to parameters.


          For example,


          From: use [field A] (string) as filter

          To: create [parameter A] (string) , select list for "allowable values", "add from field" field A.


          Then create a caculated field [flag] such as,

          [field A]=[parameter A] (AND [field B]=[parameter B] AND....)


          Then use [flag] to filter, true for the the first worksheet you mentioned, and false for the next worksheet.


          But this is not feasible if your curren filters are multiple value ones.


          Looking forward for better solutions.