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    Filtering for relevant data issue


      I have a dashboard displaying 3 levels of filters:


      Level 1

      Level 2

      Level 3


      Level 2 and 3 display only relevant data so the user isn't confused when "drilling down". When you have already select Level 2 and 3, and decide to drill back up by selecting a different Level 1, the dashboard goes blank and forces the user to select a relevant 2 and 3. This makes perfect sense to me, however the dashboard is behaving differently on Tableau Server than it is on my Desktop.


      Say I have the following selected:


      Level 1 - Color

      Level 2 - Red

      If I change Level 1 alone on desktop it signifies it can't find "Red" in the dataset by putting parenthesis' around it:


      Level 1 - Size

      Level 2 - (Red)


      no data displayed...


      If I change Level 1 alone on server it will display the first selection within Level 2 but it will not filter for it. In other words, the dashboard goes blank and it appears that "Size", "Large" is selected. But it's not, it forces you to select "Large" again before it filters the dashboard. To me this seems like some sort of strange bug. I'm not sure why server would behave differently but it confuses the user as they don't realize they need to click Level 2 again.


      Level 1 - Size

      Level 2 - Large


      no data displayed...


      Has anyone else experienced this? Or perhaps there is a way to auto filter for the first selection each time?