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    Sort after a filter from secondary data source

    Kenneth Li



      I am new to tableau and currently working with a blended data set. And I found the sorting is not working as usual after applying filters from secondary data source.

      For example, if I select one/some items from BrickID-Descriptions, the sorting will not work properly.

      I tried several methods from the community but not working (e.g. create a calculated field for price/kg and sort that field)

      Formula used in Price/kg =

      SUM(IIF([ImportExport] = "Exports",[Trade Value],0))/

      SUM(IIF([ImportExport] = "Exports",[Net Weight],0))


      Is there any workarounds available? I saw some posts that saying it is the limitation.....

      I cannot join two sources because it would be more than 20 millions while I am just using 1/4 of the total data from two sources.


      Thanks and I may not be able to share the work package due to privacy issue. 



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          Ashish Chaudhari

          Hi Kenneth,


          I guess what you can try is to create the parameter for the dimension filters that you are trying to use in this case (Brick ID Desc). Can you tell me if the fields that you are looking to use as the filter exist in the primary data set? If yes then you should be using that.


          Your parameter will have the Brick ID Desc and create a Boolean field ([Brick ID Desc]= [Parameter value]) which will help. Note that in this case you would not be able to choose multiple ID's at a time. By doing this we are trying to avoid the quick filter from the other source.


          Try it and let me know. If possible populate the dummy values in the workbook and share. That will actually help all of us and we'll be one step closer to the solution.