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    How do you color code days of the week?

    John Thompson

      I have attached a workbook that shows 30 days by sales.

      I want to see if there is a repeating pattern between weekdays "Monday - Thursday" and weekends "Friday-Sunday"

      Is there a way to color code these two groups using a date function using a calculated field?

      Any will be greatly appreciated.

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          Tom W

          Straight forward way;

          Drag order date onto the color button of the marks card, then right click the blue pill which is added, select More, Weekday. Then color your weekdays different to the weekend.


          A better solve is to create a calculated field to determine if it's a weekday or not as:

          if datepart('weekday',[Order Date]) = 1 or datepart('weekday',[Order Date]) = 7 then 'Weekend' else 'Weekday' end


          Drop that on the color shelf.