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    Show dates in continuous date chart even if value is null?

    Christi Kurihara

      Hi folks,


      I know I am not the only one that has had this issue but despite hours of online/forum searches and countless articles/posts read, I have only found a headache.  Here's the deal:


      I have a bar chart showing sum of sales (rows shelf), by month (columns shelf), by sales user (dynamic filter).  I have applied a relative date range filter to restrict the view to only the past 12 months for a rolling view.  It works absolutely perfectly if the sales user has history in all 12 rolling months...not so much if the user was only added to the system this month and therefore doesn't have data for all 12 months.  And the resulting chart ends up looking silly because it either shows a single wide bar or it disappears all together because they don't have any data to show.


      Now, I can make the table work if I change the date to discrete so the table always shows all of the months of the fiscal year (with show missing columns), but then there is no reference point (vertical line or something) that can show my audience which month is most recent in order to draw their eye quickly and effectively.


      So I guess this is a 2 part question:

      1.) is there some work around, a calculation perhaps, I can add to the chart where the dates that have no data for the chosen sales user still appear to force the chart to show a rolling 12 month period?

      2.) if not, is there a way to create a dynamic vertical line I can pin to the month part of "today" that moves across the chart as the year progresses?


      Again, I know this isn't a new problem users have encountered so even if you can provide a link to an existing discussion that solves this, it would be helpful but I have not yet found one that fixes my specific issue.  I am using Tableau 10.  Due to the nature of the data, I can't share my actual workbook but attempted simulating the issue with the superstore data.  The sample is a little backwards because there is data in the first of the 12 months and not in the other 11, but it still achieved the same effect that I am encountering.


      Final side note, I do not have the ability to "pad the data" outside of tableau because I am linked into a company DB that I do not have the ability to change.