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    Progressing Through Tasks

    Gregg Hirshberg

      I have a data set where a site goes from Task to task.


      The order is as follows:

      Site Approval

      Under Construction

      Lease Execute

      Lease Negotiation

      LOI Negotiation

      Store Open


      We're working backwards. If I site is has a Actual End time in the Store Open task, then it can't show up in the previous tasks.

      If Store Open is NULL and LOI Negotation has an actual end time, then the store should show up in that phase.


      The problem is, we are having a site that is showing up in the wrong phases. I've attached some of the data we are using, as well as a sample of the summary we are trying to tie to. Which came from the data in SQL, but we need to be able to replicate in tableau.


      I hope I've explained this well enough. But I doubt I have. Please let me know if you have any questions. Really need some help on this one. Thanks!

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          Stephen Rizzo

          So you have a data set with a row for each Region - TaskType pair, and a summary data set with a row for each Region. The TaskTypes are sequential, so no subsequent task should be started before the previous task is complete. Is that correct? If so, what are you trying to do with those data sets? Are you joining them? Are you trying to recreate the summary based on the first data set?


          Also, could you also try to explain where you are seeing this site in the wrong phase? If it is in a table / chart in Tableau, you can right-click on the mark and select "View Data". If you switch to viewing the underlying data, you can see exactly which row(s) of your data source were included in the aggregation to obtained the selected value.