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    Choosing a predetermined value for a Group

    Bel Luna



      I'm having a hard time coming u with a solution for the following.

      I'm creating a dashboard for a data set containing an index for each country which measures the level of discrimination among countries institutions.

      There is an overall index, 5 sub-indexes that make up the overall index and then there are a number of variables that make up each subindex with its own value.


      What I'm trying to do in the dashboard is to be able to display a breakdown of the overall index. For example:

      If I select the Philippines' overall index I want to be able to drill in and see its sub-indexes in descending order and furthermore, if I then click on one of its sub-indexes I want to be able to see it's variables in descending order.


      My problem has been that when I group the variables that makeup each sub-index in order to be able to drill down it then averages the variables indexes (standard average). Each subindex is calculated by a predetermined weighted average formula which's result is already included in the dataset so I'm not looking to recreated the weighted average formula as such but rather for it to default to the already established weighted average.


      Example below shows a value of 0.59 for the Philippines under the Discriminatory family code index when it should be 0.49





      Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can address this?


      Thanks for your attention!