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    Product attach rate

    Lip-Min Khor



      I am a newbie using Tableau and was having a hard time finding a good solution to this problem. I am trying to work out a sensible attach rate of product B to product A. Here is what I am trying to get to


      Data setIn any quarter of the year what are the attach rate for noodle and coffee to cake?
      CompanyProductQuarterYearHow many times coffee is bought with cakeHow many times noodle is bought with cake
      Acake120150 - as no noodle bought
      Acake220150 - as no noodle bought
      Bcake320150 - as no noodle bought
      Bcoffee420150 - as no cake bought in this quarter
      Cnoodle420150 - as no coffee bought with cake1
      Total = 3Total = 1
      Attachrate = 3/4 (coffee attach rate to cake)Attachrate = 1/4 (noodle attach rate to cake)


      Please can you help advise how I can come up with the calcultion on the right and whether this is already embedded functions in Tableau somewhere to derive this from the dataset on the left?




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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Lip,


          Find my approach based on  Market Basket Analysis as reference below explained here and stored in attached workbook version 9.3




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            Lip-Min Khor

            Hi Norbert,


            Sorry for the late reply and many thanks for your help on this, it took me quite awhile to replicate what you have done on the raw dataset that I have, this fits in quite well with what I needed. The only thing is that I think it would be more useful if the data is based on percentile of total itemA pirchase. I notice this relates to support and confidence level, however I couldn't find/get my head around how to achieve this. Some pointers would be greately appreaciated. Many thanks again for your help.