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    Simple Division Calculation is Stumping Me

    Brittney Parker

      Hi All,

        I am having the hardest time figuring out how to create a very simple division calculation and I'm about to pull my hair out!


      What I am trying to find is the percentage of inactive patients.


      I first determine whether a patient was active or inactive:

      Then I created Active and Inactive measures and then a measure of them combined: (there might be a better way of doing this)


      Then on to what is apparently making me feel like a crazy person:


      When I place this next to the numbers it shows up as NULL

      I have tried not using SUM in the Active and Inactive calculations and then using SUM in the % calculation and it still shows up as NULL. Then I tried not using SUM at all for all calculations, still nothing.


      I have no clue on how to figure this one out.


      I've attached a workbook and any help would be greatly appreciated!