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    Could not load 'tableau.nls.clientweb_en-us'

    Siddharth Gupta

      Hey Guys!


      I am creating a pdf document from a tableau view but I get the attached error.


      Unexpected Error:

      An unexpected error occurred. If you continue to receive this error please contact your tab serv admin

      Error: Could not load 'tableau.nls.clientweb_en-us'; last tried '../tableau/nls/clientweb_en-us.js'


      I am getting a trusted ticktet from tableau server my posting a call :  https://servername/trusted  with post params username and client_ip

      pdf :

      wkhtmltopdf --javascript-delay 60000 https://server/trusted/ticketnumber/views/WBName/ViewName


      Any help is appreciated.