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    automatically union multiple sheets

    Elena Semenova

      Hi Tableau Gurus!



      My data is provided in Excel source files with multiple worksheets. Every quarter new file is generated with the same structure. I want to automate process of appending new data to my extract. The problem is - the new file/data source should first undergo 'union' transformation.



      For example, here are steps I do manually:

      1. Connect to the first Excel file.

      2. Chose 'new union' option and drag specified(!!!!) sheets (only 4 out of 6).

      3. Save as extract.

      4. use 'Append data from file' feature and specify the next file I need to add. Save it. Publish to Server.



      Tableau is smart enough to append new data properly without explicitly identifying worksheets in the new file. It adds additional fields 'Sheet Name' and 'Table Name' to extract.



      I was thinking about using Tableau Data Extract Command-Line Utility tableau addfiletoextract, wrap it into bat file and create a Windows Task.



      However, I don't know how to automate the step of creating a union of tables (worksheets) within each source file. Could you please advise?


      Thank you!