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    Strange Quick Filters Issue - Publishing To Server

    Erik Wempa

      I have a dashboard that has a series of quick filters going left to right across the top of my the screen.  In Tableau Desktop, the filters all appear as they should, with (ALL) appearing in the boxes as a default value.


      However, after publishing to the server, none of my quick filters show (ALL) in them upon initial display.  In fact, none of my filters show *any* initial/default values.  But, when I click on the screen, my quick filters immediately display (ALL).


      So my quick filter default values *do* eventually appear, but only after clicking on the screen, and not upon first opening the sheets from the server.  I have concerns that users will immediately suspect that something is wrong and give up.


      Has anybody ever experienced this before?  And, if so, how were you able to fix it?


      Any info would be appreciated.




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          Matthew Risley



          I had something similar but not the same.


          I actually had a pesky floating object problem and when i published the dashboard the floating object was actually selected and covering up other parts of my dashboard. When the users clicked eslewhere, it "deselected" the object and acted as normal.


          Perhaps try re-uploading the dashboard and making sure everything is deselected? (I apologize for the "did you turn it off and on again?" answer.. but sometimes it works)