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    Can anyone help me with the connection of Cassandra ODBC driver and Tableau Desktop??

    naveen kumar

      Hi all,

      I need to make a connection to Cassandra Database by last week itself. It's very urgent. But couldn't, ended up with error saying "Disconnecting from server".


      I tried making a DSN connection and Driver Connection, when I click on test it shows"test success" message but on clicking ok it's showing this message "Disconnecting from server".


      I have few inputs given by my client for cassandra cluster are as follows: 1.Node ips, 2.Port, 3.Keyspace name, 4.Table name, 5.CQL used for creating table.


      I am attaching the error snippet , please kindly go through the below attachment.


      Please help me how to have a  connection with  Cassandra ODBC driver.


      I am using Tableau desktop10-64bit, windows 10 as OS, Simaba Apache Cassandra ODBC Driver-64bit.