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    Tableau is not loading data from drill from if records contain floating point numbers

    udaykiran chinthakindi


      We are storing our data in MapRDB. Fformat of our records is   {"fieldName" : "fieldValue" , "context" : {"amount" : 99.99}}


      We are using drill to load data from MaprDB to tableau. Data is getting loaded into tableau from Drill successfully. See the following screenshot for more clarity.Tableau1.JPG


      When I tried to add any field as column, tableau is throwing error. See the following error for more clarityTableau2.JPG

      Error from tableau is

      [MapR][Drill] (1040) Drill failed to execute the query: SELECT `Custom_SQL_Query`.`eventName` AS `eventName`, SUM(1) AS `sum_Number_of_Records_ok` FROM ( SELECT eventName, merchantId, status FROM `dfs`.`root`.`./DDDE/jsondb/ruleengine/eventExecutionMetrics` ) `Custom_SQL_Query` GROUP BY `Custom_SQL_Query`.`eventName` [30027]Query execution error. Details:[ DATA_READ ERROR: Possible schema change at _id: 'authorization-20161118021345-201611101505', field: 'amount' Fragment 0:0 [Error Id: f04c9673-ee98-454c-89f2-54283f1c60aa on AWS-DEV-MAPR-01:31010] ]


      When I give the query generated by tableau to drill, drill is executing the query properly which confirms that this issue is not because of drill but because of tableau. Could you please provide a solution for this problem ?

      Following is the screen shot of drill executing the query in the above error thrown by tableau.



      Uday Kiran