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    Workbook Unhiding Fields on Reload

    Timothy Grant-Taylor

      Hi All,

      I'm currently working on a report that looks into our survey data responses, which our metric is the percentage of positive responses (i.e., a response set of very satisfied, fairly satisfied, vs. fairly unsatisfied, and very unsatisfied) to a range of topics about our business. The response sets do vary across the survey also.

      I have created a pivoted dataset from the extract and a calculated field has been created with a grouping of customer's positive responses, as a percentage of total within the pane. The pivot has multiple questions, with varying response sets. I have also applied a filter to the set to tidy and exclude certain responses. I want to hide the negative responses, so that the only thing visible is the percentage of positive responses. While I am able to hide these responses initially, however when I save and re-open the workbook, the hidden rows reappear.

      Would anyone know of a way to make the hidden rows stay hidden when re-opening the workbook?



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          Timothy Grant-Taylor

          Hi all,


          Just a quick update, had someone look over my shoulder doing the exact same thing I did and we were not able to replicate the issue. It seems to be specific to my workbook.


          Have attached a snip from my config on tableau. The answers on the right do not seem to be keeping hidden when reloading from the saved workbook. I just want to keep 'satisfied' as a shown field, all others hidden.




          Snip for Tableau.png