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    Update data

    Jane Smith

      Hello all,


      This may be more of an Excel question but I was hoping someone would be able to help me. I am trying to pull data into Tableau from an Excel spreadsheet. Unfortunately the spreadsheet I am reading into Tableau (spreadsheet A) is also pulling data into itself via links from another Excel spreadsheet (spreadsheet B). Spreadsheet B is owned by another department and it is huge, complex and not in a good format for me to connect Tableau to it directly. Therefore there are links in Spreadsheet A that just pull the numbers from Spreadsheet B that I need. The data that is originally from Spreadsheet A of course works with Tableau great but in order for me to get the updated data from Spreadsheet B I have to open Spreadsheet A everyday which then updates the links, save and then exit out. Is there a way to update those links daily and therefore have the updated numbers reflect in Tableau without manually having to go into Spreadsheet A everyday? Thanks for any help that can be provided

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Jane,


          This is an issue with how the ODBC drivers work (for example connecting MS Access to this kind of setup with multiple Excel sheets has the same problem), the simplest workaround would be to create a macro that does the open/update/save/close manual operation and then schedule that macro.