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    Site and Server Admin Categories

    Dhanashree Arole

      Hey there,


      What is fundamental difference in these 2?

      Are the basic categories of viewer, interactor, publisher, owner same?

      How does the grid vary?



      Dhanashree Arole

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          Toby Erkson

          Server admin can do anything on the server; Site admin can only do "admin stuff" within their Site.


          If you look at where administration permissions begin then this may help:

          A server can have 1:M sites (server admins can create sites and site admins )

          a site can have 1:M projects

          a project can have 0:M workbooks

          a workbook can have 1:M views

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            Dhanashree Arole

            Sounds hierarchical approach towards maintaining all the possible user levels on server and client sides. Are there 128-bit machines available in cluster design? The usual norm is 32-bit and 64-bit, however thinking from upgrade point of view.


            Also, is the normal standard to create sites so that they are analogous to the sub-domain?


            Main company URL:     www.MMLLMM.com

            First sub-domain:          www.sell.MMLLMM.com

            Second sub-domain:     www.buy.MMLLMM.com


            These essentially translate to specific static IP addresses.

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              Dhanashree Arole

              Not much, Thanks though.

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                Toby Erkson


                First, make the 128-bit stuff a different question posting because that has nothing to do with administration.

                Second, no.  What Jeff gave was good info.

                Second (part b), sites are more like:

                Main company URL:    www.MMLLMM.com

                First sub-domain:          www.MMLLMM.com/#/site/sell/...

                Second sub-domain:    www.MMLLMM.com/#/site/buy/...


                It sounds like you do not have a Tableau Server so what are your concerns with the two levels of administrators?  The Server Admin can do everything, the Site Admin can only affect what is in the Site they are the Site Admin of.  Thus a "sell" Site Admin could add users, create Projects, etc. in the www.MMLLMM.com/#/site/sell/... site but nowhere else.  The Server Admin would be the actual person who creates the Sites ("sell", "buy", etc.) and assigns the Site Admins.

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