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    Passing a customer_id in an embedded view as a parameter

    John Markley

      Hi all, I have an app which brings up any number of different customers the user is working on.  It is probably similar to most CRM tools where the customer_id is the driver for how the page gets rendered.  I am trying to embed some viz on these pages where the customer_id that is generated for the page is passed through the viz and used as a filter.


      I presume this is done via parameters.  I have the parameter set in Tableau, though not sure if it's setup properly (integer, allowable values:all).  Then I have a simple filter that says parameter = customer_id and set to TRUE.  Basically how you'd do row level authority.


      Firstly, is that the proper method?

      Secondly, if so, what's the proper format to get that customer_id into the param in the embed code?  Does it need to be a custom script?  I have to imagine this has been done dozens of times but can't figure it out.