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    Divide calculation depending on the filter selection

    Yuriy Ovchinnikov

      Hi all!


      Please help me to create a bar chart based on the filter selection.


      Say, the data as follows:

      Volume sold: 100

      Total cost a: 20

      Total cost b: 35

      Total cost c: 5

      for Year 1


      and different data for Year 2 and 3.


      Now I want to create a dashboard with a bar chart showing Cost per unit sold (Total cost a/b/c divided by Volume) for 3 years in a data set.

      So if I click at "Cost a" in the table 1 the graph should show 3 bars representing per unit cost of type a for year 1, 2 and 3.

      the same for b/c.


      Dunno how to create this(


      Thank you,