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    Easier Way to See Grand Totals for a Store Cluster

    Benjamin Vruwink

      I am trying to see if there is an easier way to showcase the grand totals (Sales, Avg. Price, etc.) for positive vs. negative stores (comparing sales from this year compared to last year) for a store cluster. Note the store cluster is a set that was created.


      Negative Stores are in Red and Positive Stores are in Green

      Currently, I have created a calculation that I put in the filters pane that will showcase only the negative stores or positive stores for that store cluster.


      negative stores only

      Then I create a set for those stores, so then the IN stores are the negative stores and the OUT stores are the positive stores. This allows me to see the totals (Avg. Price, Total Sales in both $ and Units) for those positive and negative stores.


      However, is there a better way to go about this?