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    Persistent Dynamic Variables Across Instances

    . Rsinghp

      Platform:  The latest Tableau Server and desktop (so 10.1)


      Business Rules decide every hour how everyone should be working based on any number of things including time of day etc. and workload.

      (this part is done.)

      Manager Override

      Now the manager can go in and override those rules based on any number of things.


      Manager decides, chooses parameters for the view for his/her employees (every day or twice a day) for a particular view.

      Ex: Employee 1 should sell 10 widgets today from noon to 10 because he has a borken leg or something.


      Employees use that view to do their job.


      Conditions:  Employee may view others' workload but cannot change his or others' workload.


      My Solution:

      Create a parameters page for the manager to override the business rules.

      Manager shares specific "favorites" for each employee.  So johnny would have ?Johnny=8widgets...


      Problem with that solution:

      How do i prevent the employee from changing those parameters?

      Can I assign different permissions to a manager and an employee for the same workbook and the employee to still be able to interact with his schedule?

      If Not then Can I create two workbooks and pass values from one workbook to another?


      Also the right thing to do would be to embed a quick page to do a dB write back but at this moment we don't have that luxury.


      As always any help will be greatly appreciated.  And sometimes writing it down helps as well...well let me know i'll be trying those ideas above and see what i run into...