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    What did Tableau's Analytics Team present at #TC16?

    Erin Gengo

      TC16 is in the books!! Curious what Tableau's own analytics team was presenting? Look no further for links to our sessions (you will have to register for TC Live).


      Matt Coles with Jonathan Drummey told us all about Viz Alerts 2.0 which allow you to email users views based on threshold-based conditions, distribute views to non-tableau users, and combine views into a single PDF. Matt also talked about Sharing Tableau Server Data, building data sources from server data, and the structure of the tables.


      Interested in best practices in IT with security and manageability? Check out The Analytics Revolution Powered by IT and Tableau. Jeff Mills also talked about how we run our Tableau Server at Tableau.


      Ashley Howard talked about strategies and tips to develop analysts in a data-nervous organization. Anton Grobman and myself talked about how to build a great Tableau community beyond the software, and I spoke with Martha Jaworski about the dual sides of the analytical coin that our organizations serve with "From Governed Data to the Wild West: How Tableau Manages Analytics".


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