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    WDC with Multiple Tables

    Shanmukha Rao Tarlana

      Hi Team,


      I am looking for joining multiple tables using web data connector. I got the  below syntax  from the documentation. But not clear how can I use this syntax in my code.  Currently I implemented with single table.


      var standardConnection = {

        "alias": "Joined earthquake data",

        "tables": [{

        "id": "magPlace",

        "alias": "Magnitude and Place"

        }, {

        "id": "timeUrl",

        "alias": "Time and URL"


        "joins": [{

        "left": {

        "tableAlias": "Magnitude and Place",

        "columnId": "id"


        "right": {

        "tableAlias": "Time and URL",

        "columnId": "id"


        "joinType": "inner"





      Can someone provide sample code for using multiple tables with join condition using WDC.


      Appreciate your quick reply on this.



      Shanmukha Rao.